Low-Caffeine Dong Ding Oolong Roasted Tea Bags (30 bags per pack - suitable for hot and cold brewing) 【LONG YA TEA 】 Low-Caffeine Tea Bags - Oolong Tea Bags

◎ Exclusive manufacturing method ◎ Low caffeine, no palpitations, no insomnia ◎ Rich and fragrant aroma ★ Our company insists on 100% Taiwanese tea leaves and has passed pesticide testing. ★ All products are in stock; orders placed before 3 PM are shipped the same day or the next day at the latest (excluding holidays, weekends, international orders, and bulk gift box orders)!
Low-caffeine tea bags provide a worry-free drinking experience, offering a sweet taste without bitterness.
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1. Origin of Low-Caffeine Tea Bag Development:

We frequently heard from many customers: “Whenever I join friends for tea, I can only ask the host to pour plain water for me. Just smelling the tea aroma while not being able to drink is quite unpleasant because I’m really afraid of not being able to sleep!” and “When colleagues group buy drinks, I'm always left out because every time I drink tea, I get palpitations. I wish I could enjoy tea in the office like everyone else.”

With so many friends and customers expressing these concerns, we decided to develop this exclusive product, the “Low-Caffeine Oolong Roasted Tea Bag.”

2. What is Low-Caffeine Tea?

After repeated trials, we selected Dong Ding Oolong tea from Lugu, which is known for its lower caffeine content. Through the unique craftsmanship of our tea masters, and by constantly adjusting the tea and water ratio during taste testing, we developed this “Low-Caffeine Tea Bag.”

3. Rich Aroma of the Tea Bag:

This tea bag releases a rich and lasting aroma when brewed, with a sweet and enduring fragrance. The taste is strong yet not bitter, full-bodied and pleasant, with a cooling aftertaste. There is no harsh fire flavor, making it an excellent tea with outstanding aroma and flavor.

Low-Caffeine Tea Bag, Ripe Tea, Medium Roast, Medium Fermentation.

Product Features:

  • Launched by Xinyuan Tea Products, the low-caffeine tea bag is suitable for those who prefer less caffeine and can be consumed in the evening without affecting sleep.
  • Made from high mountain Dong Ding Oolong tea, it offers a rich flavor with a lasting sweet aftertaste and a delicate mouthfeel.
  • The tea bags are made from corn fiber and corn starch, making them eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe to drink.
  • The tea bags can be brewed both cold and hot, providing convenience and allowing you to choose your preferred brewing method.

Product Specifications:

  • Number of Tea Bags: 30 bags per pack
  • Tea Bag Material: Corn fiber tea bags, non-toxic corn starch tea bags
  • Flavor: Low-Caffeine Dong Ding Oolong Roasted Tea

Storage Instructions:

Tea bags should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Brewing Instructions:

Hot Brew:
Place one tea bag into a cup, add hot water, and let it steep for about 3-5 minutes.

Cold Brew:
Place one tea bag into a bottle, add cold or ice water, and refrigerate for 3-4 hours or overnight before drinking.




先倒入一些熱水在馬克杯裡,等待約 10 秒左右即可倒掉,這個動作能讓沖泡溫度更均勻。

將茶包放入溫熱過的杯子裡,再將熱水均勻淋在茶包上,讓茶葉在熱水中滾動,而最合宜的泡茶水溫為 90-100 度。






1. Commodity combination/specification: food grade vacuum packaging * 1 bag
2. Commodity name: 1 bag group of low caffeine frozen top oolong tea bags
3. Product weight (volume): 2g/packet-30 packets/bag
4.Material: Non-woven flat tea bag - drawstring
5. Contents name (ingredients): natural tea (SGS inspection qualified)
6. Name of food additives: no additives
7. Origin (country): 100% Taiwan
8. Name of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: XIN LONG YA TEA  COMPANY LIMITED.
9. Address of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: No.58-3,Ln.190,Sec.2, Zhongzheng Rd.,Lugu Township,   Nantou County 558, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
10. Manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer Tel: 049-2755184
11. Calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, at least one day before the effective date: 180
12. Food business registration number: M-154548929-00000-6
13. Insured product liability insurance name: Fubon Property & Casualty 20 million yuan
14. Remarks column: International laboratory SGS, TTB tea pesticide multiple residue analysis and inspection qualified



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