Organic Shanlinxi Forest Oolong Tea - 100g/pack or 100g x 6 packs [XIN LONG YA TEA Organic Tea] Organic Product Certification - SGS Highest Level Pesticide Test Passed - 0 Detection (ND)

◆ Organic tea farmers ◆ Home delivery from the place of origin ◆ Friendly tea leaves, soil, and water sources that pass strict inspection without intermediaries, integrating production, sales, and management ★ All products in stock. Orders placed before 3 PM will be shipped the same day at the earliest or the next day at the latest (excluding holidays, weekends, international orders, and bulk gift box orders)!
◆ Taste: Fresh and lingering ◆ Aroma: Distant tea floral fragrance ◆ Description: Multi-layered floral and forest flavors ◆ Light roasting ◆ Light fermentation
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Product Features:

  • Organic Shanlinxi Forest Oolong Tea, produced by Xinyuan Organic Tea Garden.
  • Certified organic product, ensuring the tea meets organic farming standards.
  • Harvested from high mountain tea gardens in Shanlinxi, ensuring excellent quality of the tea leaves.

Description after Tasting:

  • The tea infusion is clear and bright, with a floral, fruity forest aroma that is refreshing and invigorating.
  • The taste is smooth and mellow, with a rich tea fragrance that is captivating.
  • As the sweetness lingers, it brings a subtle sweetness that is unforgettable.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Certified organic, meeting strict standards for organic tea, providing you with safe and pure tea leaves.
  • Available in 100g/pack or 100g x 6 packs, convenient for purchase according to your needs.
  • The high quality and unique flavor of Shanlinxi Forest Oolong Tea offer an elegant tea-drinking experience.








6.原產地(國):台灣 鹿谷鄉



  • 農產品經營者:陳清澤(鑫龍源有機茶園)
  • 品名:有機茶葉
  • 原產地:台灣.
  • 原料成分:有機茶菁(台灣)
  • 地址:南投縣鹿谷鄉中正路2段190巷58-3號
  • 電話:(049)2755184.
  • 證書字號:1-006-100740
  • 驗證機構:國立中興大學.
  • 負責廠商:鑫龍源茶品有限公司.
  • 食品業者字號:M-154548929-00000-6.             
  • 投保富邦產險二千萬元
  • 本公司通過ISO22000:2018/HACCP系統驗證、國際實驗室SGS、TTB茶葉農藥多重殘留分析檢驗合格

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