Artistry Bamboo Woven Shanlinxi Organic Tea Gift Box - 30g/set, 120g/set, 300g/set - [LONG YA TEA] Organic Agricultural Product Verification Mark

◆ Organic tea farmer, direct delivery from the origin
◆ Friendly tea leaves, soil, and water sources that have passed strict inspections, not through intermediaries, integrating production, sales, and management
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◆ The Most Luxurious Peony Fabric Bamboo Art Gift Box of 2022 ◆ Strip Craftsmanship, Sweet Grassy Aroma ◆ Traditional High Mountain Organic Green Tea
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Product Features:

  • High-Quality Organic Tea Leaves: The green tea and black tea in this gift box are sourced from Shanlinxi and have been verified as organic agricultural products. This ensures that the tea leaves are free from pesticides and chemical additives, guaranteeing superior quality.

  • Sweet Green Tea: The high mountain green tea is made without fermentation and roasting, preserving the natural aroma and sweet taste of green tea, providing you with a delightful tea-drinking experience.

  • Honey-Like Aftertaste of Black Tea: The organic black tea undergoes full fermentation and no roasting, resulting in a deep red tea liquor with a honey-like aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy the rich flavors of black tea.

Tasting Description:

After tasting the organic green tea and black tea from the Noble Peony Floral Bamboo Art Tea Gift Box, you may experience the following characteristics:

  • Green Tea: Fresh aroma, smooth taste with a light floral fragrance and a sweet, refreshing flavor, providing a sense of comfort and pleasure.
  • Black Tea: The tea liquor is deep red, with a rich aroma, smooth and full-bodied taste, and a honey-like sweet aftertaste, giving you a warm and satisfying feeling.

Must-Buy Advantages:

  • Organic Tea Gift Box: The tea leaves in this gift box are certified organic, ensuring safe and high-quality tea, making it suitable for consumers who prefer organic beverages.
  • Sweet Green Tea and Honey-Like Black Tea: The gift box offers two distinctly flavored teas, catering to different taste preferences.
  • Comes with a Carrying Bag: The gift box includes a carrying bag, making it convenient to carry and store the tea leaves, perfect for traveling or gifting.

The Most Noble Peony Floral Bamboo Art Gift Box!!

Exclusive Features, A Must-Buy:

  1. Unique Gift Box: Although the same fabric is used, the different cutting positions create unique floral patterns and combinations, enhancing the sense of uniqueness and value of the gift box! This means if you buy three gift boxes, you might receive three different floral patterns, which may not be exactly the same as the photos.

  2. Festive but Not Gaudy, A Prestigious Gift: The floral fabric on the cover features peonies, symbolizing auspiciousness and nobility in Eastern culture, along with magnolias and begonias, symbolizing "wealth and honor." The elegant and exquisite patterns, with high-quality handmade embroidery, make the peony a symbol of future expectations and blessings, perfect for festive gifts.

  3. Unlimited Gift Recipients: The peony gift box symbolizes wealth and good fortune. It can be given to friends opening a new business, wishing them great success. The noble and elegant peony gift box can be given to close friends and family, representing their outstanding and beloved status. It can also be given to friends moving into a new home, symbolizing prosperity and harmony.




6.原產地(國):台灣 鹿谷鄉
12.投保產品責任險字號:富邦產險二千萬元 ◆國際實驗室SGS茶葉農藥檢驗合格(均未檢出) ◆試驗茶園土壤、水源之重金屬通過有機標準

品名:有機茶葉 原產地:台灣.
電話:(049)2755184. 證書字號:1-006-100740
投保富邦產險二千萬元 本公司通過ISO22000:2018/HACCP系統驗證、國際實驗室SGS、TTB茶葉農藥多重殘留分析檢驗合格


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