Flourishing Blossoms Premium Tea Mountain Taiwan Tea Gift Box 3-Can Set (100g/can - Total 300g) [LONG YA TEA] Shanlinxi Tea Leaves - Lishan Tea Leaves - High Mountain Tea Leaves

★ Our company insists on 100% Taiwanese tea leaves, all of which have passed pesticide inspections. ★ All items are in stock. Orders placed before 3 PM will be shipped the same day at the earliest or the next day at the latest (excluding holidays, weekends, international orders, and bulk gift box orders)!
Floral Oolong-Natural jasmine fragrance, light and elegant, refined and unique~ Yen Tsai Tea-Warm and mellow taste, subtle honey aroma, smooth and rich~ Huagang Tea-Tender and translucent, rich in pectin smoothness~
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Product Features:

  • Selected high mountain tea leaves from Shanlinxi and Lishan, with excellent quality
  • Each can contains 100 grams of tea leaves, with a total of 3 cans, amounting to 300 grams
  • Exquisitely packaged in an elegant premium Taiwan tea gift box
  • Contains various types of Taiwanese high mountain tea leaves, catering to different taste preferences
  • Produced by Longyuan Tea Products, ensuring quality

Tasting Description:

  • The tea liquor is bright in color, with a sweet and smooth taste.
  • It has a rich floral and fruity aroma, with a long-lasting fragrance.
  • The tea flavor is full-bodied and rich, with a delicate mouthfeel, a lingering finish, and a sweet aftertaste.

Must-Buy Advantages:

  • Contains various high-quality tea leaves from Taiwan's high mountains, offering diverse flavors
  • Exquisite gift box packaging, suitable as a high-end gift for friends, family, or for personal use
  • Each can is designed with a large capacity of 100 grams, providing great value and suitable for daily tea drinking
  • The reliable brand reputation of Longyuan Tea Products, ensuring quality and peace of mind



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