Lishan Oolong Tea (50g/can-霜降梨山冬片/solar term is frost/Winter tea)【XIN LONG YA Tea】

★The company insists on 100% Taiwanese tea and passed pesticide testing. ★The whole hall is in stock, orders are placed before 3 pm, and shipped on the same day (except during holidays)!
◎Insist on 100% Taiwan's finest Lishan tea. ◎Freshly prepared from the place of origin. First-hand tea. ◎100% Taiwanese tea SGS batch-by-batch inspection
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霜降梨山冬片烏龍茶葉- 裸包裝



1. Commodity combination/specification: vacuum nitrogen filling and deoxidizing bag*1+tin can*1
2. Product name: Lishan Oolong Tea (霜降梨山冬片/solar term is frost/Winter tea)
3. Product weight (volume): 50g/can、50g/packet
4. Contents name (ingredients): tea leaves
5. Name of food additives: none
6. Origin (country): Taiwan
7. Name of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: XIN LONG YA TEA COMPANY LIMITED.
8. Address of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: No.58-3,Ln.190,Sec.2, Zhongzheng Rd.,Lugu Township,   Nantou County 558, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
9. Manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer Tel: 049-2755184
10. Calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, at least one day before the effective date: 180
11. Food business registration number: M-154548929-00000-6
12. Insured product liability insurance name: Insured Fubon Property & Casualty Insurance for 20 million yuan, The company passed the ISO22000:2018/HACCP system verification.


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