iTQi Mountain Flower Fragrance Spreading Triangle Three-dimensional Tea Bags (20 packets-山花香蔓延三角立體茶包)-No pesticides and zero detection-N.D-iTQi Awards【XIN LONG YA Tea】

◆Soil and water source have passed SGS strict inspection ◆Home delivery, pure and pesticide-free ◆A friendly tea that integrates production, sales and management in a non-medium market ★All the halls are in stock, order before 3pm, and ship on the same day (except during holidays)!
◆Taste: mellow and sweet ◆Fragrance: mountain flower scent ◆Description: floral scent spreads and curls ◆No baking ◆Slightly fermented
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  • 由鑫龍源茶品推出的三角立體茶包,採用高山烏龍茶製成。
  • 茶包材質為玉米澱粉茶包袋,安全無害。
  • 無農藥零檢出(N.D),採用有機茶葉製成,品質優良。
  • 茶葉可展開充分釋放香氣和味道,讓每一杯茶都是獨特的品嚐體驗。


  • 山花香蔓延,茶香濃郁,口感滑順,回味甘甜。


  • 三角立體茶包設計,茶葉可展開充分釋放香氣和味道。
  • 無農藥零檢出(N.D),採用有機茶葉製成,品質優良,符合現代消費者的健康需求。
  • 茶包材質為玉米澱粉茶包袋,環保健康。
  • 適合茶葉愛好者和注重健康的消費者。















1. Commodity combination/specification: triangle three-dimensional tea bag * 20 packs + iron can * 1 can
2. Product name: Shanhuaxiang Spreading Triangle Three-dimensional Tea Bags 20 Packs/1 Can Set (2g/pack~40g in total) [Xinlongyuan Tea Products] iTQi Awards
3. Commodity weight (volume): 2g/packet - 20 packets/can in total
4.Material: triangle three-dimensional tea bag - drawstring
5. Contents name (ingredients): natural tea (SGS inspection qualified)
6. Name of food additives: no additives
7. Origin (country): 100% Taiwan
8. Name of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: Xinlongyuan Tea Co., Ltd.
9. Address of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: No. 58-3, Lane 190, Section 2, Zhongzheng Road, Lugu Township, Nantou County
10. Manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer Tel: 049-2755184
11. Calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, at least one day before the effective date: 180
12. Food business registration number: M-154548929-00000-6
13. Insured product liability insurance name: Fubon Property & Casualty 20 million yuan
14. Remarks column: International laboratory SGS, TTB tea pesticide multiple residue analysis and inspection qualified


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