iTQi floral oolong tea three-dimensional tea bags x20 pieces-花香烏龍茶立體茶包/group-no pesticides and zero detection-N.D 【XIN LONG YA Tea】

★The company insists on 100% Taiwanese tea and passed pesticide testing ★All the halls are in stock, order before 3 pm, and ship on the same day (except during holidays)!
★Taiwan origin. Zero pollution tea garden~ ★Insist on not compromise 100% Taiwan~ ★Passed down from generation to generation. Gifts for personal use~
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  • 以來自台灣杉林溪的高山茶葉製作而成,茶湯呈現金黃色澤,帶有獨特的花香和果香。
  • 茶包袋採用環保無毒的玉米纖維材質,茶葉無農藥成分,通過了無農藥零檢出-N.D的檢測。
  • 立體茶包設計,方便泡茶,讓消費者能夠更好地欣賞茶葉的形態和色澤。


  • 茶湯呈現金黃色澤,入口滑順柔和,茶味醇厚,有淡淡的花香和果香,回味悠長,非常適合茶葉初學者或不太喜歡苦澀茶味的人飲用。
  • 獨特的花香和果香使人喝後精神振奮,讓人心情愉悅,非常適合在工作或學習時飲用。


  • 這款茶包曾獲得iTQi國際品質評鑑大賞,品質優良,是一款非常值得購買的高品質烏龍茶葉茶包。
  • 茶包袋採用環保無毒的材質,茶葉無農藥成分,通過了無農藥零檢出-N.D的檢測,非常安全可靠。
  • 立體茶包設計方便泡茶,茶葉的形態和色澤可以充分展現,非常適合送禮或自用。








 iTQi花香烏龍茶葉三角立體茶包        生青茶    無焙火    微發酵








1. Commodity combination/specification: food grade vacuum packaging * 1 bag
2. Commodity name: iTQi floral oolong tea three-dimensional tea bags-group-no pesticides and zero detection-N.D
3. Product weight (volume): 2g/packet-20 packets/bag
4.Material: Cornstarch decomposable material three-dimensional tea bag - drawstring
5. Contents name (ingredients): natural tea (SGS inspection qualified)
6. Name of food additives: no additives
7. Origin (country): 100% Taiwan
8. Name of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: XIN LONG YA TEA  COMPANY LIMITED.
9. Address of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: No.58-3,Ln.190,Sec.2, Zhongzheng Rd.,Lugu Township,   Nantou County 558, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
10. Manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer Tel: 049-2755184
11. Calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, at least one day before the effective date: 180
12. Food business registration number: M-154548929-00000-6
13. Insured product liability insurance name: Fubon Property & Casualty 20 million yuan
14. Remarks column: International laboratory SGS, TTB tea pesticide multiple residue analysis and inspection qualified,The company passed the ISO22000:2018/HACCP system verification.


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