Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea Oolong Green Tea Bag Set (2g x 20 bags - Total 40g) - Non-Roasted - Non-Fermented [LONG YA TEA] - SGS Tested - No Pesticide Residue Detected (N.D) - Corn Fiber Tea Bag - Green Tea Bags

We insist on 100% Taiwanese tea leaves, verified through pesticide testing.
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◎ Fragrant and Rich Aroma ◎ Fresh and Mellow ◎ Is Oolong Green Tea an Oolong Tea or a Green Tea? It is a Green Tea! It is an Exclusive Green Tea!
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Product Features:

  • High Mountain Oolong Green Tea: This tea bag set uses high mountain tea leaves from Shanlinxi to make Oolong Green Tea, preserving the natural flavor and nutritional components of green tea.
  • Non-Roasted and Non-Fermented: The tea leaves are processed without roasting and fermentation, maintaining the original characteristics of the tea leaves, presenting a fresh green tea aroma and taste.
  • SGS Certified: This tea bag has been tested by SGS, with no pesticide residue detected (N.D), ensuring the quality and safety of the tea leaves, allowing you to enjoy it with peace of mind.
  • Corn Fiber Tea Bag: The tea bags are made from corn fiber, which is environmentally friendly and does not affect the taste of the tea leaves, preserving the original flavor of the tea.

Tasting Description:

After tasting this high mountain Oolong green tea, you may experience the following characteristics:

  • Fresh Aroma: The tea leaves release a fresh floral and grassy aroma, providing a pleasant scent experience.
  • Rich Flavor: The green tea presents a rich taste with a hint of sweetness and a smooth texture, which is delightful.
  • Refreshing Aftertaste: After drinking a sip of tea, a refreshing sweet aftertaste lingers in your mouth, making you crave more.

Must-Buy Advantages:

  • Convenient Brewing: This tea bag set offers a convenient way to brew tea without the need for boiling water and a complex brewing process, saving time and making it easy to carry.
  • High-Quality Tea Leaves: The tea leaves have been rigorously tested and certified by SGS, ensuring no pesticide residues and excellent quality.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: The tea bags are made from corn fiber, which is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, ensuring the freshness and quality of the tea leaves.
  • High Mountain Tea Flavor: This tea bag set uses high mountain tea leaves, presenting the unique flavor of high mountain tea, allowing you to enjoy the pure aroma of green tea.



★龍源茶品 Product Specifications

◎品 名:杉林溪高山茶烏龍綠茶包1袋


◎成 份:茶葉



◎保存 期限:2年(未開封)





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